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Dixie is a 3-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix female that weighs 50 pounds. She is a very sweet and friendly dog - her tail doesn’t stop wagging and she greets people with a big smile and puppy kisses. This precious girl is good with other dogs , small and large size,  loves to play and sits for treats (which she takes gently). 
Dixie is an active dog, so she needs an active home - someone who will take her hiking, running or for long walks (one of her favorite pastimes is chasing squirrels and flies). As long as she gets regular exercise ,she is calm in the house ,she will lay, chill  and watch TV calmly with her owner. 

Dixie walks pretty well on leash,  some basic training with her future owner she will be the perfect dog. 
She loves car rides, excellent meeting people and dogs. She did great at the Vet while Dr was examining her, kept giving kisses.
She is alert and will bark when needed. 
Dixie is one of the happiest dogs ever and will make someone very happy.
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