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Dua is a friendly and sweet German Shepherd-mix female of approximately 3 years of age. She weighs around 70 pounds. She is a very affectionate pup who will look at you adoringly with her beautiful, soulful eyes. With her medium energy level, she is always up for playtime with lots of zoomies around the back yard with her dog-sibling. Inside the house she is happy to relax and match your energy, laying down for a nice long nap.

Looking for a big cuddle bug? Dua is the one for you! She loves to join you on the couch or the bed for some fun cuddle time.  She really enjoys a good belly rub. In fact, when she meets people, she will often lay down and roll over for a belly rub.  She is good with other dogs - small and large. She would love to be in a home with another dog who matches her size and energy so they can play and have fun.

Her foster mom reports that she has not shown any signs of resource guarding, and she is not reactive to other dogs when on her daily walks. She walks well on the leash, only occasionally pulling. Dua also loves laying in the back yard enjoying one of her favorite pastimes - squirrel watching!

Dua is not a barker and she is the type of dog that will let you touch her anywhere, including her feet! She is such a happy, affectionate girl.

Note: She has not been around cats.

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