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Teddy is 5-7 -year-old German Shepherd and he weighs 70 pounds (although due to his fluffy coat he looks much bigger). He is an absolutely stunning dog -  a beautiful long-coat  that will require regular grooming. He is calm, loyal, very sweet and has been friendly with people. Our guess is that he is of European lineage, with a beautiful gait. 


Teddy is obedience-trained, knows his commands, and is very responsive to his handler. He walks well on a leash - right next to his person and doesn't pull, and knows the  “Sit”, “Down”, “Come”, “Go to bed”, and “Heel” commands.

He is great during car rides, jumping into the car with no problem and was excellent at the groomer’s - he even let them trim his nails, but he didn't like the blow dryer.  He is also housebroken - has never had an accident in his foster home. 


Teddy is a velcro dog that will follow his person everywhere, is very loyal, and loves to lie by his person while watching TV or hanging out. He is not destructive when left alone: he might cry for a few minutes but then calms down, and he doesn't try to jump the fence. He takes treats super-gently and has not shown any aggression around food. 

Teddy lives in a foster home with few dogs and has been wonderful with them , loves to play..


Teddy was found as a stray and was taken to a shelter in early January 2023, then rescued on Feb 4th. After he was rescued he was fully vetted - his blood work results and hip X-rays are good. 


Teddy is a wonderful dog, and someone will be very fortunate to have him in their life.

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