Toshiro is a German Shepherd-mix male of about 2 years of age and he weighs about 50 pounds. He is shy at first, but warms up super quickly and follows his person throughout the house.


This handsome boy likes to greet you with a wagging tail and a smile, and is always happy to see you. He can be shy around strangers, so he likes to come close and sniff them before he becomes comfortable around them. He can be a little skittish with strangers but has not shown any aggression. He is a great listener and very obedient - in fact you can easily correct him verbally, by just saying “no”.


Toshiro is excellent in the car - he just lies down and is quiet until he arrives at his destination. He is a very athletic boy, so he has no problem jumping into the back of a high SUV. Toshiro is also wonderful on leash and never pulls - he just walks by you or behind you. He doesn't mind encountering other dogs on his walks and doesn't bark at them, nor does he pull on the leash to get to them. He is wonderful with dogs of all sizes and loves to play. Toshiro is a submissive dog and would do well with a dominant dog in his forever home. He has been to daycare and did great with new dogs he met there and played all day without causing any problems.


Handsome Toshiro knows how to use a doggie door and has been housebroken in his foster home, so he should quickly adjust to the potty rules in his future home.

We tried to crate-train him: he did ok for a short while but doesn’t really like being crated. He did well when left alone for a few hours and was not destructive.


What type of home would be best for Toshiro?


An adult home with no kids and familiar with the Shepherd breed and protective dogs.

He needs another large- or medium-size dog in his future home, as he loves dogs and feels more confident when around them. He is a follower, so he will follow his doggie friend. Also, he needs a home with a secured yard and a high fence.

His owner needs to be a sweet but alpha personality, to give him direction.

This precious boy would be a great choice for someone looking for an active dog, because Toshiro loves going for long walks.



Angels Bark Dog Rescue is a boutique 501(c)(3) non-profit tax- exempt organization which was established by Nes Gutman in 2014. While ABDR focuses on rescuing purebred and mixed German Shepherds as well as a variety of other breeds from high kill shelters in the Los Angeles, CA area, ABDR is committed to saving dogs before they are put down, many on their very last day. ABDR often saves seniors, dogs with special needs, and dogs with behavioral issues. All ABDR’s rescues initially go to foster homes to help them adjust and transition from shelters to a household environment. They receive medical care and training as needed. The rescue has been enormously successful, saving dozens of incredible dogs, as a result of its dedicated network of volunteers, who share in ABDR’s commitment to rescue these amazing animals.

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