Rex is a 90-pound Czech-lines German Shepherd born on May 26th, 2016. He was originally purchased from a breeder and has a pedigree certificate. Rex was surrendered to us due to personal problems in the household and, sadly, they had no other options but to let him go… This decision was very hard for both the family and for Rex. Imbued with the classic German Shepherd loyalty, he looked for his people for days and he was shut down and confused. After being with his foster family for three weeks, he has finally moved on and started enjoying life again. Now Rex loves his foster mom and gives her kisses on walks. lets her clean his ears and even tries playing with her.


This handsome boy is fully trained by his previous owner - he knows all his basic commands in German and is a very well-behaved dog. He loves going for walks and does great on leash, without pulling, always looking to make sure you are beside him. Rex is housebroken and has never had any accidents in his foster home; he learned to use the doggie door pretty quickly. He is crate-trained and enjoys sleeping in the crate at night.


Rex is a very calm dog and has been left alone many times when his foster mom was out running errands, doing really well during those periods and not being in the least destructive. He loves playing fetch: he will bring the ball back to you and when you give him the AUS command (“Out”, in German) he drops it and waits for you to throw it again. He is good with dogs in his household. However, Rex is not a dog to take to dog parks - he is a dominant dog, so any dogs in a prospective future home for him need to be ok with a dominant male.


This amazing boy is also great in the car – he has no problem jumping into an SUV and loves to look outside through the window during the ride. He did well at the groomer’s, had no issues with his foster mom giving him baths, and really enjoys getting brushed. We took him to our vet’s for an exam and X-rays - his hip and elbow X-rays show normal and the doctor thought that in general he is a healthy boy. Rex did well during his vet visit, allowing his teeth to be checked, but had to be put under light sedation during the X-rays.


The best type of home for Rex needs to meet the following criteria: 

- An adult-only home - no kids.

- Someone who knows and understands protective breeds.

- Since he has been such a loyal dog, he will probably have a hard time moving into a new home, so he needs a new owner who is patient, thus allowing Rex to take the time he needs in order to adjust to a new home and new people.

- A house or a condo with a yard.


Overall, Rex is a wonderful dog but it will take him about two weeks to settle into his new home. Once he does, he is the best furry family-member one could wish for.