Lobo is a 7 -year-old German Shepherd that weighs 75 lbs. He is very well behaved in the house, housebroken and knows to use the doggie door. He is calm ,loves to hang out with his people .He is crate trained and doesn't mind sleeping in the crate at the beginning .He is not destructive when left alone, he might bark first a few minutes after his person leaves the house but after that just lays down,goes to sleep.Also, he doesn’t dig in the yard and doesn’t try to escape. He has been great meeting new people and no problem strangers coming to visit .

He knows all his basic commands. Lobo loves going for walks ,if there are no dogs around he walks really well by his owner but if he sees other dogs walking by,he will bark and probably lounge at them,so his future owner needs to be strong enough to handle him and some obedience and leash  training with his future owner will be helpful.

 Lobo is very fond of car rides – at first he is a little excited, but then lies down and waits to arrive at his destination.

Lobo is good with large- and small-size dogs, as he previously lived in a home with 5 other German Shepherds and now lives in a foster home with a few other dogs. 

Lobo was adopted for five months and returned because his previous adopter was not experienced enough to handle him on walks.Before the adoption , he was a pretty confident happy dog but sadly returned pretty skittish,unfortunately we have no idea what went through in his previous home that he became skittish..

Being old and changing a few homes already made him a little nervous, so his future owner needs to take their time and be patient ,give him time to adjust. First few weeks ,he will probably keep going to the door and looking for his foster mom.

Lobo is an absolutely wonderful dog that spent almost two years in a shelter before Angels Bark saved him, on his very last day, and he deserves the best possible home and we don't want him to change any more homes.His next home needs to be committed to keep him and work with him and earn his trust.


Best type of home for Lobo is a house with a yard and another large size dog Lobo is not good with cats and we will not adopt him home with kids,so an adult home would be the best type of home for Lobo..


Angels Bark Dog Rescue is a boutique 501(c)(3) non-profit tax- exempt organization which was established by Nes Gutman in 2014. While ABDR focuses on rescuing purebred and mixed German Shepherds as well as a variety of other breeds from high kill shelters in the Los Angeles, CA area, ABDR is committed to saving dogs before they are put down, many on their very last day. ABDR often saves seniors, dogs with special needs, and dogs with behavioral issues. All ABDR’s rescues initially go to foster homes to help them adjust and transition from shelters to a household environment. They receive medical care and training as needed. The rescue has been enormously successful, saving dozens of incredible dogs, as a result of its dedicated network of volunteers, who share in ABDR’s commitment to rescue these amazing animals.

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