LLobo is a 7-8  -year-old German Shepherd that weighs 75 lbs. He is a very sweet, loving and friendly dog who adores his people.

Lobo is very well-behaved in the house, housebroken, knows how to use the doggie door, is calm inside the house and loves to hang out with his people. He is crate-trained and doesn't mind sleeping in the crate in the beginning. Lobo is not destructive when left alone - he might bark at first, for a few minutes, after his person leaves the house, but afterwards he just lies down and goes to sleep. Also, he doesn’t dig in the yard and doesn’t try to escape. He has been great when meeting new people and has no problem with strangers coming to visit.

Lobo very much enjoys walks, and if there are no dogs around he walks really well beside his owner, but if he sees other dogs walking by, he will bark at them, so his future owner needs to be strong enough to handle him and some obedience and leash training with his future owner will be helpful.

This handsome boy is also very fond of car rides – at first he is a little excited, but then lies down and waits to arrive at his destination.

Lobo is good with large- and small-size dogs in his foster home, but meeting new dogs needs to be done slowly. He is very bonded with his foster family, so his future owner needs to take their time and be patient, to give him time to adjust. For the first few weeks after adoption he will probably keep going to the door and looking for his foster mom.

Lobo is an absolutely wonderful dog that spent almost two years in a shelter before Angels Bark saved him, on his very last day, and he deserves the best possible home - we don't want him to change any more homes. The best type of home for Lobo is a house with a yard and another large-sized dog. He is not good with cats and we will not adopt him to a home with kids, so an adult home would be the best type of home for Lobo.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.