The dogs shown below are courtesy listings for private rescuers or for individuals who need to re-home their own pets. Since Angels Bark Dog Rescue has not evaluated the Courtesy Dogs, we can offer no opinion regarding temperament, health or other salient issues; and all information has been provided by the program participants.  As a Courtesy Listing, we ask that you directly contact the individual who is listed at the bottom of each bio.  Since people sometimes forget to notify us, some of these dogs may already be adopted. 

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SPARKY-Male 11-year old Husky/Shepherd Mix looking for his forever retirement home

Sparky’s Story

“Hello my name is Sparky. I am an 11 year old husky/Shepard mix. 


I have a sad tale with a possible happy-ending! 


On 6/29/22, I was found in La Mirada, CA by a nice lady who tried three times to capture me. I was scared of her and

every other human who was trying to capture me because I had been on my own running the street for more than

three days.  She turned out to be a very nice lady. 


She took me to the doctors because my paws were hurting me. Turns out I just wore my paw pads out after all the

days alone on the hot pavement. I think cost her a lot of money because she kept telling me I was “lucky I was

as cute” over and over again. 🫢


The nice lady found my owner of 11 years. It’s the only home I have ever known. It breaks my heart to say but my

owner doesn’t want me back 😢. Apparently, my owner can not take care me anymore and can’t keep me from

getting out.  I feel sad, but those fireworks just scared me so bad. 


Thankfully, the nice lady is letting me stay with her temporarily instead of being in a loud and scary shelter.

Old guys like me don’t last long at the shelter.


I am happy not be in the shelter but NOW I want to find my forever home - is that with you and your family?

Please help keep me out of the shelter. 


I am a good boy. I promise. I just need lots love and attention. I am very nervous and anxious when you first

meet me but with TIME and PATIENCE I will warm up to you and then become your shadow. I don’t like to

be left alone right now but the nice lady is working on that with me. 


I am extremely smart - I should have been named Einstein or Houdini! I guess that’s the Husky in me.   I love pets

and cuddles after I settle in with you. I just learned how to play and I love it!   I get along great with other dogs big

or small. I am not sure how I feel about cats yet. 


I am neutered and  fully vaccinated as of 7/17/22.   My doggie doctor said I have no major health issues or abnormalities. 


Contact the lady who is caring for me if you want to meet me?! Her name is Stephanie Rigoli. 562-477-0061