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Thank you for considering adopting a dog listed on our Courtesy Board.  Any information submitted to Angels Bark Dog Rescue (ABDR) as part of the courtesy screening process, offered with some listings, will remain confidential and used only as part of the ABDR Courtesy Dog Application process. 


The dogs posted on this page are not part of the ABDR adoption program.  They can be listed for private rescuers, other non-profit dog rescue organizations or for individuals who need to re-home their own pets.  This is just our way of helping dogs find their way to a new life when we are not able to take them directly into our care.  As such, these dogs have not been evaluated by ABDR and ABDR offers no opinion regarding temperament, health or other salient issues.  All information has been provided by the program participants.  Adoption process and any adoption or re-homing fees are at the discretion of the pet’s guardian, unless otherwise posted. 


We ask that you directly contact the individual who is listed at the bottom of each bio concerning their adoption process.  In some cases, the program participant may ask ABDR to assist in the vetting process of the potential adopter.  Since people sometimes forget to notify us, some of these dogs may already be adopted.

This application is NOT a commitment to adopt.  These questions are designed to assist ABDR with matching a potential adopter with a suitable courtesy posted-dog for their living situation and lifestyles.  The adoption fee will be determined by the pet's guardian.   We thank you for taking the time to fill out this application and for your support!  

By completing and submitting this application, the below named applicant hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Angels Bark Dog Rescue, its Board of Directors, its volunteers and adoption consultants from any and all liability arising out of or in consequence of, or injury sustained as a result of, any activity connected with the vetting process of potential adopters, and/or with the adoption of a courtesy dog posted on this website. 

Please answer each question completely, as an incomplete application can not be processed.  If the question does not apply to you, please use N/A rather than leaving a blank field.  If you experience problems submitting your application, please email us at:

Are you aware that the dog named in this application is a Courtesy post, that ABDR has not evaluated this dog, offers no opinions regarding suitability or temperament, and is NOT responsible for anything that might occur if you choose to adopt this dog?
Are you willing to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE adoption fee?
What kind of home do you live in?
What type of fencing?
Where will the dog be housed during the day while you are not home ?
Please choose age range you are looking for
Please choose energy level
Please choose characteristics you are looking for
How soon are you planing to adopt a dog?
What size of dog are you looking for?
Please choose gender of the dog
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