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Angels Barks Dog Rescue’s mission is to save the dogs to whom no one else gives a chance. There are a lot of dogs that end up in shelters every day. Some of them are lucky to either get adopted by the public or rescued by rescue organizations.

At Angels Bark Dog Rescue, our main goal is to save dogs to whom no one else gives a chance – whether those dogs are seniors, have correctable medical issues, or have slight behavioral issues. We often save dogs that have no issues but no one came to their rescue in time. Those are the dogs that get saved on their very last day. So, whether it is a question of medical care, rehabilitation, training, or just timing, ABDR is about saving lives.

Once those dogs become Angels Bark dogs, we make sure their lives change for the better. We make sure they receive the best care under our wings and that they go to loving and caring forever homes.

Some say these dogs were lucky that they ended up at the shelters – otherwise, they would have never become Angels Bark dogs.

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