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            SURRENDER FORM



Angels Bark Dog Rescue (ABDR) Policy for owner-relinquished dogs: Angels Bark Dog Rescue (ABDR) accepts owned dogs.  In relinquishing your dog to ABDR, you understand and agree to the following:

  1. You are the legal owner of the animal you are relinquishing.

  2. ABDR will assess the physical and behavioral health of the dog to determine adoptability. 

  3. If you subsequently call about the dog's status, you may not be given any follow-up information about the dog except whether it has or has not been adopted.

  4. You certify that, to your knowledge, the dog has not bitten or scratched anyone in the past fourteen days or has been exposed to rabies.

  5. I, undersigned, owner or having control of the dog below, hereby give ownership of said dog to Angels Bark Dog Rescue to be placed for adoption, at the discretion of the rescue.

  6. I assume all responsibility for damages caused during my ownership of said animal.  

  7. I agree to make all veterinarian records for said dog available to the rescue and adopter of said dog.

Please answer each question completely, as an incomplete application can not be processed. If the question does

not apply to you, please use N/A rather than leaving a blank field. If you experience problems submitting your 

application, please email us at :

By completing the form below, you are acknowledging you have read, understand and agree to the terms and policies stated above, and have already gotten your approval email for the dog being surrendered.

Please provide us with the following information:

Has the dog been sterilized?
Is the dog crate trained?
Is the dog housbroken?
When allowed outside the dog was:
Is the dog destructive when left alone?
Where do you keep the dog when you have to leave the house?
When left alone, does the dog:
When allowed outside unsupervised did the dog:
Has the dog been consistently around children?
Have the dog's experience with children always been positive?
Has the dog ever lived with cats?
Does the dog like cats?
Has the dog ever hurt a cat?
Has the dog ever been around livestock or chickens?
Has the dog ever hurt a livestock animal or chicken?
Does he/she get along with other dogs?
Is the dog from a singl dog household?
Has the dog ever been allowed to play with other dogs?
Has it ever been in a severe dog fight in which either dog was injured?

How does your dog react when:

Would you say that most of the time the dog is: (check all that apply)
What type of people does the dog feel most comfortable with?
Is the dog afraid of:
The following choices refer to Grooming. Please check all choices which the dog will let you do without coaxing or restraint:
Has the dog ever bit a person for any reason? Please know that this question does not necessarily reflect on acceptance or rejection of the dog by ABDR.
Is your dog taking any medications?
Please email to ABDR ( all of the dogs medical records.
Please email to ABDR ( 3 recent photos of the dog.

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