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King is a very sweet and friendly 6-7 -year-old White German Shepherd.  He weighs about 75 pounds and needs to gain a few more pounds to be at his perfect weight.


He spent almost two years at a shelter, which is very unusual, since shelters are in crisis after the pandemic. The volunteers and shelter staff really liked King and they did their best to extend his time so he wouldn't get put to sleep.

While at the shelter, he was very shy and would hide in the back of his kennel when adopters walked by, and that’s the reason why he couldn't find a home: no one got a chance to see him!


He is pretty well-behaved in his foster home, not showing any aggression towards people or around food, and having no problem when toys are taken away from him. He is crate-trained and feels safe there, so much so that if the crate door is open, you will find him resting inside the crate by his choice.


King loves toys, enjoys carrying them around, and he will bring his toy to his person to initiate a game. He loves attention, so when he wants some attention, he will come nudge his person with his nose. He is very gentle with his toys - he licks them, sleeps with them, but doesn’t destroy them. He is an alert dog and will bark if he hears noises. He is good with visitors, too; he might bark at them initially, but since he is shy, he just runs away.



As long as the door to the yard is open, he goes outside to do his business. In his foster home he has access to the outdoors all day, so he’s had no accidents indoors.

He does well when left alone, not destructive and doesn't try to jump fence to escape.


Before ending up at the shelter, King belonged for four years to a family with kids. He was a yard dog, never taken for a walk during all that time, which is the reason for his being shy and skittish. He never got a chance to learn.

We take him out for walks now, but he is scared when being outdoors - he is afraid of cars and trucks, so he pulls on the leash to go back home, but slowly, with time and patience, he will learn and become a more confident dog. 


King is a dominant male and prefers a home with no other dogs.


Overall, King is a sweet dog that was not given any chance to enjoy life. His world was his yard, and that’s all he knew. Now his life has changed, and he has started to learn new things, like the fact that there’s a big world out there and so many things to learn. Even though he is slightly older (6-7 years old), it is never too late to learn.


Perfect home for King:

A house with a yard.

No other dogs in his future home.

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