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Shaggy is a stunning 6-9 -month-old pup. He weighs 70 pounds and our best guess is that he is probably a Flat-Coated Retriever-mix.  He has a great personality - he’s absolutely wonderful and one of the friendliest dogs ever. This gorgeous boy walks really well on leash - right next to you, and loves to lean on you.  He is definitely a velcro dog and will follow his person everywhere. 


Shaggy is very obedient and listens to his person, which makes him easy to train and teach new tricks. He is still a  puppy, acts like one, and has much to learn from his future owner. Being in the puppy stage he can chew things here and there, and in his new home he will need some guidance for housebreaking him. He is a smart boy, so he figures things out pretty quickly.


 Shaggy is absolutely wonderful when meeting new people and dogs. The owner can take this boy pretty much everywhere they go, as he behaves really well in public. He is also wonderful during car rides - just loves to get in the car and rides well. He likes playing with toys, too, but is still very puppyish and will chew them. Another Shaggy favorite is playing fetch, and he will bring the ball back to you for more play. He has no problem with you taking toys from his mouth or from in front of him.  He is a very affectionate dog, loves belly rubs and getting attention and love.

He does great at the groomer’s, doesn't mind the bath, doesn't mind getting brushed and he is even ok with a blow dryer. He did excellent during his vet exam and kept giving kisses. 


 Shaggy has been living in a foster home with other dogs and is good with them, playing nicely and being submissive. He is very young and needs an active home with lots of activities. He loves going for long walks, hikes, and playing with dogs. 


With some basic obedience training with his future owners he will be a perfect dog.


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