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Lola is a very young and sweet Belgian Malinois female that weighs 55 pounds and is approximately 8-9 months of age.

She is a very friendly dog - great when meeting new people and wonderful with all-size dogs. Lola loves being around dogs and playing with them.  So
she will need a young, playful dog in her forever home. Being a high-energy, active girl, she needs  an active owner who can take her hiking/running.  She is very athletic and can easily jump a 5-6 ft. fence. As long as she gets her regular exercise routine and playtime with dogs, she has calm moments when at home and likes to chill with her people. She lives in a foster home with a few other dogs and tries to initiate games with them all day long; she also goes to doggie daycare, and does well there.

Lola is house-trained and knows how to use a doggie door. She doesn't have a destructive personality but has some puppy moments, like moving small items around the house or maybe chewing a tiny bit.  Lola doesn't like being in the crate, so in her foster home she sleeps in the living room with one other dog all night, without causing any trouble.

Her ideal home will be one with another dog (of preferably her size or bigger), because she gets anxious if left alone. As long as she has a doggie friend with her, she is happy. Lola can’t be left in the yard alone while her owner is gone, as she will jump the fence. She rides well in the car and does well at the groomer's and during vet visits. Also, she has been good around kids.

Lola will need some basic obedience training with her future owner. Overall, she is a wonderful, sweet dog.  Lola is located in the Los Angeles, CA area.  If interested, please fill out an application (click here).

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