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Ringo is a stunning 8-year-old German Shepherd male that is looking for a wonderful forever home. He weighs about 80 pounds and has a beautiful, shiny black coat. Ringo has a very sweet temperament and is a very calm dog. He is a very affectionate dog once he warms up to his people, follows his person around the house and loves to lay by his person. He loves going for walks and enjoys being outdoors.  He lives in a foster home with small- and large-size dogs and does really well with all of them, is crate-trained, housebroken and knows how to use a doggie door.

Ringo walks well on leash but will need some basic obedience training with his future owner. He did well at the groomer’s and really well at the vet’s during his exam. Ringo likes going on car rides and has no problem jumping into the back of a SUV. When left alone he is quiet and not destructive. He is not a fence jumper and not a digger, either.


Ringo lived most of his life in a kennel environment as a stud dog for a breeder.  He was retired about a year and half ago, and needs a home where he can live the rest of his life as a beloved family member.  It was reported by his foster that Ringo does well around young children.   And that he is an absolutely wonderful dog.  Someone will be very fortunate to have him in their life.

He has never been around cats.  

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