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Tessa is a sweet female German Shepherd of about 8 years of age, and she weighs about 75 pounds. She is a confident, well-balanced soul who likes everybody she meets and is good with kids. She is a very loyal girl and a “velcro” dog that loves to follow her person around. Tessa is very smart, has no problem being alone and is not destructive. She is also completely housebroken - she has never had any accidents in her foster home and learned how to use the doggie door on the first day; she now goes in and out whenever she needs to. Tessa is good alone in a secure yard and won't try to escape by digging or trying to jump a fence.

This remarkable girl LOVES going for daily walks, and with some basic training she will be a perfect dog. She is very calm and will be a great match for someone looking for a calm, loving companion. Tessa loves getting in the car and has no problem jumping into the back of a SUV. She enjoys car rides (she'll look out the window or lie down and remain calm), loves to be brushed and did great at the groomer’s and during her vet exam, where she kept giving kisses to the doctor. Tessa loves bones, toys and also playing fetch: she brings the ball back to you and drops it. She has no issues around food and takes her treats gently. Tessa lives in a foster home with a few other dogs and is good with medium- and large-size dogs but shouldn’t be trusted with small pets. Also, she will do best with calm dogs rather than high-energy ones.

She is located in Los Angeles.

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